Roast Beef (200g/piece)




Roast Beef
from Top Sirloin

Rich and smoke-flavored

We give another substance to roast beef, o ering
you a special, delightful taste, combined with the
avor of its smoking on BeechWood. We choose top sirloin
for our creation, a lean piece with a particularly
tender texture.

Production | We ripen the meat with the traditional air
drying technique. At the same time, we innovate by
using Himalayan rock salt bricks under pressure, thus
achieving a smooth drain of the meat from unnecessary
uids, as well as its uniform salting. At the end, the meat
is pasted with extra virgin olive oil, honey and spices,
and is slightly smoked, to enrich its flavor.

Serving | Roast beef is an excellent choice for platters and cold
dishes, especially in combination with the wine of your choice.

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