Roast Beef with Black Truffle




Roast Beef
Stuffed with Black Truffle

Multi-dimensional flavor with intense

High gastronomy is unleashed on your table as the
roast beef from top sirloin, a lean but very tender
piece, is served. Black truffle, extra virgin olive oil and
the perfect combination of spices, smoked on Beechwoodm
invite you to enjoy a delicious, high-standards

Production | We ripen the meat with the traditional air
drying technique. At the same time, we innovate by
using Himalayan rock salt bricks under pressure, thus
achieving a smooth drain of the meat from unnecessary
fluids, as well as its uniform salting. The next step is to
marinate the meat with spices on the outside and stuff
it with a finely chopped black truffle, taking the taste
and flavor off.

Serving | It’s ideal as an appetizer. Otherwise it’s perfect in a platter,
combined with a wine of your choice.

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Additional information


150gr, 250gr

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