Pastrami Brisket (200g/piece)




from Brisket

A bold choice, with spicy characteristics

Α special viand with a characteristic coating of freshly
ground pepper and a unique combination of spices.
We use “Brisket” for our pastirma, a meat cut of oily
structure that combines flavor and tenderness.

Production | We ripen the meat with the traditional air
drying technique. At the same time, we innovate by
using Himalayan rock salt bricks under pressure, thus
achieving a smooth drain of the meat from unnecessary
fluids, as well as its uniform salting. The seasoning,
coating the brisket o ers an explosion of avors as they
preserve the meat, keeping it juicy.

Serving | Enjoy it with a great variety of platters, accompanying it
with wine or a drink of your choice.

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