Pastirma (200g/piece)




(Cured Veal) from Ribeye

Strong character, velvety texture and a
touch of Constantinopolitan flavor

The Ribeye steak is a tender, premium piece of calf
with unique flavor and high nutritional value, due
to its excellent fat distribution. Alternatively, “strip loin”
pastirma, an equally delicate and soft veal cut, with less
fat is at your disposal.

Production | We ripen (dry age) the meat with the traditional
air drying technique. At the same time, we innovate
by using Himalayan rock salt bricks under pressure,
thus achieving a smooth drain of the meat from unnecessary
fluids, as well as its uniform salting. Our pastirma’s
paste is faithfully following our grandmother’s
recipe from Asia-Minor, with the traditional çemen and
the carefully chosen spices and seasoning to preserve
the tradition.

Serving | Enjoy it as an ideal dish, which will accompany your
drink. Otherwise, you may want to unfold its gustatory complexity
in hot dishes, such as Pastirma Pie and Omelets.

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