American Pastrami (200g/piece)




American Pastrami
from Veal Round

Strong flavor and spicy

We present a different approach to our Pastirma,
the “American pastrami”. We preserve the
spicy aftertaste with the coating of fresh pepper, but
we change the technique in the “orimasis” process. We
adopt a different flavor, giving more emphasis on the
soft texture of the meat. We choose the round cut of the
veal to create our pastrami; a piece very nutritious and
soft with rich flavor.
Production | We apply the method of moisture “orimasis”,
an alternative form of “orimasis”, which aims to
highlight the flavors of the meat, as well as to enhance
its tenderness and delicacy. We then slightly braise the
pastrami, creating a crust on the outside of the meat that
retains the interior juicy.

Serving | A perfect choice for original and delicious sandwiches.
You can also enjoy it as it is, accompanied by your favorite drink.

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