The production of "ORIMASIS" sausages.

We age the meat with the traditional drying technique in the air. At the same time, we innovate using Himalayan salt plates under pressure, achieving a smooth drainage of the meat from excess fluids as well as its uniform saline.
We select Greek young calves and pigs according to high standards from certified farms, while we use extra virgin olive oil and honey in our products as natural preservatives without any additives.

The "ORIMASIS" special cutting process.

The process of dry “orimasis”, dry-aged, is one of the most important stages of our production. It is achieved in special refrigerators with adjustable temperature and humidity, in order for the biochemical processes that  occur in the muscles and fat, to emphasize the favors of the meat. At the same time, specific enzymes that are being developed during the process destroy the fibers inside the meat, making it particularly soft and tasteful. The pieces of the meat are externally dry-aged in order to protect and shield the inside part, preventing it from drying out.

The meat has now acquired a high gastronomic substance…